Dig Coin. Governing Real Estate.


Main Facts About Dig Chain


Dig Chain will allow real estate projects to be represented as fractionalized NFTs. This allows anyone to invest in high-ticket real estate.


High-value real estate is out of reach to most investors. Tokenizing and fractionalizing real estate will allow anyone to invest.


Dig Chain is democratizing everything from real estate investment to property management. The community can vote on the platform’s development and where funding is allocated.


Dig Chain allows investors to come together and manage real estate development anywhere in the world through a transparent and open blockchain.


Dig Chain is a parent blockchain and will have child chains stemming from it. Each child chain will represent a local jurisdiction, allowing each chain to comply with local regulations.

Map of Zones – Dig chain bridges

IBC Powered Multi Chain Connection

Dig Chain is connected to various other blockchains through IBC (inter-blockchain communication) protocols.  These bridges can be built to limitless blockchains, including Ethereum to make Dig Chain one of the world’s most connected chains.

DIG Coin Distribution

DIG coins will be airdropped to all holders of DFY (DeFi For You) tokens. DFY holders will get one DIG for each DFY they possess. Holders will get 1.5 DIG for each staked DFY token they hold.

DIG coins will also be airdropped to holders of BLURT tokens, as well as on the Binance Smart Chain network, the Tron network, the Cosmos network, Akash network and Gaia network.



Q3 2021: Development and Airdrop

Dig Chain is being built using Starport on Cosmos SDK. The first testnet of Dig Chain was connected to 8 other blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. This has gathered some serious attention for the project already.

Q4 2021: Liquidity Pools and Building Validator Community

Dig Chain is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, meaning it requires validators to secure the chain. Community members can run their own validators and add to liquidity pools on the Osmosis DEX.

Q1 2022: Finding First Real Estate Development

The Dig Chain community will work with the Cosmos community and others to find a suitable real estate development. This will open real estate to retail investors of all sizes.

Q2 2022: Growing Globally and Marketing

Growing  Dig’s baby chains into various regions of the world to comply with local regulations and bringing more projects into the chain. Marketing efforts will intensify in tandem with partnerships and project successes.

Q2 2022: Major Partnerships

Making major partnerships with real estate developers and real estate brokers to expand the project’s scope into mainstream adoption.


Team Behind the Platform

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